10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (2023)

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Looking to add new chat functionality to your WordPress websites? We have created a list of the complete live chat and chatbot plugins that you need to revolutionize your customer experience. For this list, we're focusing on some of the best WordPress chat plugins that can be used to engage your audience.

Live chat feature enables you to provide an unforgettable experience to your customers. The auto popup chat box aids in engaging the audience, and once they get engaged, they tend to start a conversation with initially a bot. It is proved that the live chat feature increases conversion by 45%.

This conversation is then quickly taken over by a salesperson. This individual understands the customers and their queries and reassures them that they're at the right place. Once the visitor is satisfied, he/she converts easily. And this proves the viability of the live chat feature.

Now that you're familiar with the features and advantages of the live chat functionality, let's explore the best WordPress plugins that can be used to add live chat functionality to your WordPress website.

The Top 10 Best Free Live Chat Plugins For WordPress

Here's a complete list of the best free WordPress chat plugins out there that we've tested. These plugins ensure a quality experience, performance, and functionality in the long run; hence, they're extremely important for a site that wants to convert its visitors.

And quite honestly, who doesn't prefer to covert customers so, without any further ado – let's start exploring.

  1. 3CX Live Chat
  2. LiveChat
  3. Drift
  4. Userlike
  5. Sendinblue
  6. Olark
  7. Zendesk
  8. Tidio
  9. Txt.Me
  10. ProProfs
  11. Live Chat Unlimited
  12. Formilla
  13. Pure Chat

1. 3CX LiveChat

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (1)

3CX Live Chat is a fully customizable and free live chat plugin for WP with mobile app support. What’s cool about it? It offers website visitors the option to chat, call or video call directly from the chat bubble via the browser! Meaning no call charges for the visitor or the company. No ads and no monthly subscriptions. Easy as pie and fully set up in just a few minutes.

The WP plugin works in combination with 3CX StartUP, which gives you a sleek, easy-to-use web client interface to manage all your calls and chats from. You can even integrate your Facebook SMS and WhatsApp messages!

Chats can be assigned to a particular agent or group of agents. You can also make use of IVR to guarantee the best customer experience. What’s more, all data is stored outside of the plugin – meaning your website speed remains unaffected!

Not just live chat…this is a truly great solution for centralizing all customer communications in one single interface. No more switching between different windows. You can even integrate your CRM to ensure no customer records are kept up to date.

We get it, you don’t want to be tied to your desk all day! 3CX adds free mobile apps to respond to chats and stay connected even when on the go.

2. LiveChat

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (2)

LiveChat is, as the name suggests, a live chat solution for all your engaging and conversion needs. This marvelous plugin is created for the purpose of adding live chat functionality to your website.

The ease of use of this specific plugin is commendable for both the users and the website owner. On the consumer end, the LiveChat plugin greets the customers with an auto-opening chat box at the bottom of the website.

The box remains in the bottom corner of the website and can be easily accessed by the user. After the user has gained the live chat experience, he/she can leave his or their experience and feedback.

Moreover, they can also share their experience on social media through the buttons integrated into the live chatbox. Additionally, LiveChat also gives you tons of new features and supports your agents to deliver a seamless experience to their customers.

Livechat offer also has another service called Chatbox.com which is one of the best chatbot builders on the market.

3. Drift

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (3)

Drift is one of the best live chat and chatbot services that can be integrated with all types of websites, including WordPress. They have a dedicated plugin that helps you to integrate it easily with WordPress.

This platform gives you the possibility to use their service for free. We have used this platform for our themes support and I have to say that works like a charm.

Drift gives you the possibility to configure a chatbot that can give immediate response to the customers and maintain them engaged. This platform is more than a simple chat where you can transfer a user from the Chat to the emailing list, Chat to Call, and Chat to Zoom.

What surprised me is the fact that Drift recognizes high-value users and gives you the possibility to offer them personalized content.

Last but not least Drift has a great AI Chatbot that let you engage every visitor when they come to your websites.

4. Userlike

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (4)

This a free chat WordPress plugin with some features that make it different from others, like the possibility to chat with customers directly with applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.

Automation is one of the great features these plugins offer. You can create chat macros and also enable Native chatbot which welcomes visitors when you are offline.

Integration with tools like Slack, Pipedrive, Asana, and Help Scout makes it perfect for any kind of business that wants to engage and user and convert it into a customer

Userlike have great customers like Nivea, Allianz, Bmw etc..

5. Sendinblue

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (5)

The easy integration and usability of the Sendinblue make this live Chat plugin a worthy adversary to several chat plugins on this list. You can easily integrate this plugin to your site by simply adding an embedded code to your site's footer.

This integration can also be performed by WordPress customers. Moreover, the actual advantage of the Sendinblue is the fact that it was designed to do much more than just provide a seamless chat functionality to the website.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Sendinblue is that it provides effective and impactful email marketing tools to users. Furthermore, the plugin also gives the user other useful features which I'd like to call Sendinblue an “all in one package.”

Sendinblue is also extremely time-saving because it offers much more features to the users. However, the only drawback of using the Sendinblue tool is that to unlock all the features of the plugin, you would have to buy the plugin for $66, after which you'll be able to 120,000 emails per/month.

6. Olark

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (6)

Olark is a feature-packed live chat solution whose sole purpose is to revolutionize the way your audience interacts with your business. This spectacular plugin can be easily integrated into your WordPress website through the handy widget.

This plugin too follows a similar approach as the above-mentioned plugin “Sendinblue” did, which was that the plugin could be added to a website via simply adding the code wherever you want on the website.

Moreover, every individual who is spending time on your website is being analyzed by Olark, and while the user is surfing, Olark is creating a detailed breakdown of the person's journey on a particular website.

This means that Olark tracks the movement of your audience once they're on your website. It stores this monitoring data and shows it to you so that you can have a better idea of how your customers are behaving on your website.

Therefore, the advantages of this plugin can't be denied. Moreover, it also allows your customers to leave their feedback once they're done talking to you. The process of receiving feedback enables you to further solidify your customer experience.

7. Zendesk Chat

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (7)

Zendesk is a live chat service that offers a plugin designed for WordPress. From seamless integration to stunning live chat functionality, Zendesk fulfills all the live chatting requirements along with some other outstanding features.

Zendesk offers beautiful, customizable layouts and themes that you can use to add more value to your live chat feature.

Additionally, once the user messages you on your website, you can access the Chat by simply accessing the Zopim dashboard. You can also install the dedicated Zendesk app to respond to your customers through your mobile phone.

The dashboard is also hardwired with vital metrics that allow you to examine the Chat's performance, track history, learn about your visitors and their concerns and monitor the overall performance of the plugin.

Furthermore, Zendesk is free after you've subscribed to it, and a single agent can use it to respond to numerous chats at the same time. However, the chatting frequency is only limited to one meaning that you cannot chat with multiple customers at the same time.

There's also an upgrade option available if you want to use the premium functionality of the plugin for $14. This premium plugin unlocks more advanced functionalities such as chat triggers, in which the chatbox opens automatically while the visitor is surfing the website.

8. Tidio Live Chat

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (8)

Tidio Live Chat is one of the most convenient, easy to integrate, feature-packed, and modern plugins that can be used for WordPress. This chat box has three designs integrated into it, which you can select as per your choice.

You can access the chat tab easily through your WordPress dashboard. You can also manage chats by installing a dedicated app, iOS or Android app, on your smartphone or desktop.

Furthermore, the plugin also saves your Chat if you're unable and sends them directly to your inbox so that you can access them whenever you want.

This feature allows you to keep the chats saved automatically so that you can never miss a single important query that came to your website. Also, the Tido takes the email of the visitor, which allows you to later email the visitor if you've missed the Chat.

The free version of Tido gives you the feature of adding one agent and one chat box open at the same time without any other restrictions. However, once you've got the premium version, you can open as many chats as you want at the same time.

9. Txt.me

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (9)

Txt.me omnichannel customer support lets the users connect with the customer service department of the business through multiple channels of communication. It involves popular channels for communication in customer support and service. These include video calling, SMS texting, social media messaging, live chat or chatbots, Email, and telephone.

In addition to providing options to agents and customers, it further syncs the customer information, files, notes, and conversations seamlessly through the channels

It is further easy to switch between touchpoints, devices, and channels during the conversations. Moreover, it ensures that the follow-ups are also intact so each agent in the conversation knows where it was left off.

It integrates multiple communication channels in an uninterrupted and seamless conversation flow with all the customers.

10. ProProfs Chat

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (10)

ProProfs Chat is another free live chat plugin your business can take a look at. This WordPress live chat plugin takes a few minutes to integrate with your website and requires no coding skills.

With this plugin, you can monitor your website visitors and track what they came looking for. It even allows you to set chat triggers that can help you capture visitors’ attention and encourage them to chat with your business.

ProProfs Chat plugin also helps your business make announcements that can be read and followed by your website visitors. These announcements can help you display your upcoming product upgrades, sales, discounts, and much more.

What makes it an allrounder is its chatbot capabilities. This plugin also helps you add a chatbot widget that can help you manage incoming support requests without agents. It will help you answer common questions, route chats to the right agent or department, and even create tickets for complex queries in the absence of your agents. With a separate reports section, you can check how each of your chatbots performs on the website.

11. Live Chat Unlimited

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (11)

If you have the budget and you want to get your hands on some of the most modernized live chat features that you should totally check out Live Chat Unlimited. This marvelous plugin is available for a whopping fee of $75. However, this fee sure reaps some benefits in terms of functionality, ease of integration, customization, and much more. The chats can be handled through the WordPress dashboard; however, this plugin is designed for professional use so, I would recommend that you should buy it if you have a big business.

Additionally, the Chat boxes come in two different styles that you can customer. You can handle an unlimited number of conversions at any time. Plus, this plugin gives you the standout feature of handling several chats by several agents at the same time.

The most innovative part? If there's no operator available to answer the customer's query, Live Chat unlimited automatically shows the viewer a contact form in which the user can enter their information to be later contacted by the operators.

12. Formilla Live Chat

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (12)

Formilla is a free solution for all your live chatting needs on WordPress. It has decent features, traffic figures, a free trial, and a package available in which you can handle one Chat at a time, one agent, a total of 30 chats per/month, and all of this via Formilla's own custom interface.

However, if you've got a huge business and most of the leads and conversions are coming through your website, you need something more robust, right? Well, the Formilla paid version that is available for $11.99/month is the answer to your premium needs.

This premium version will allow you to handle multiple chats at the same time along with multiple agents. Also, the premium users of Formilla are allowed to access the Chat via android or iOS apps as well as through the customer interface of Formilla. The customizable chat boxes can also be considered helpful when it comes to living monitoring.

Some other advantages include active Chat, offline email forms, chat ques, customization, and efficient query handling.

13. Pure Chat

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (13)

Pure Chat is perhaps the best live chat WordPress plugin on this list because, as the name suggests, it is designed to offer the best chatting experience to customers.

From beautiful chat boxes that are, of course, customizable to unlimited colors to amazing features to animations and images and much more, the Pure Chat plugins are just awesome.

Beyond just being a center of attention, Pure Chat is also a pretty capable chatting tool for WordPress. It has analytics, multi-chat management, and active triggers that engage and attract your audience quickly.

You can also view the Chat while you're offline, and while you are offline, the chatbox converts into a form that collects the user's email for later contact. The free version of the chat plugin allows 15 chats per month; however, if you want more, then you can get the paid version which starts at $39 per/month.


That's all for now, folks.

Now you know all that you need to know about the live chat plugins out there for WordPress websites.

Know that not all the live chat plugins are for you – you need to select a plugin that perfectly satisfies your business needs.

This would enable you to save money in the long run while ensuring an engaging and appealing live chat plugin that is doing its job perfectly.

10 Best Free WordPress Live Chat and Chatbot Plugins (2023) (14)

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